A website for only $ 500


A website is really beneficial for your business. It's a small investment that you much in the short, medium and long term.

Your website contains information about your company and your products and services and that, at all times. So visitors have the opportunity to consult with you at their convenience, regardless of the opening hours of your physical location and no matter where they are. They have no need to talk to one of your employees. If the visitor has any questions, he will be able to contact you via email, you can answer whenever you like.

        You can put as much information as you want on your website. So, your website becomes a very important source of information for your future clients interested in obtaining more information about your products and services before ordering. And with the Internet, your products and services can be updated very easily. So you do not need to reprint all your marketing materials to reflect a new product or service offered by your company.

How to make a web page? I suggest you do this project in 4 steps.

    Find a domain name.
    Open an account with a web host.
    Prepare the webpage.

I suggest you create a web page to you. You will be the owner and the administrator. Voiçi how:

Step 1:

        Together we will find a domain name that matches the requirements of your company or your personal site. This step is simple, we only need to check if the chosen name is avaialble and buy it. The cost varies depending on the length of the desired period. About $ 10 per year.

Step 2:

        We will choose the desired type of package for hosting the site. Depending on the storage size and the speed and bandwidth of the site, several packages are at your disponnibilité. It's going from free to $ 9.95 / month

Step 3:

        It is here that I comes in. I design your website to the colors and image of your company. Using your photos, images and text. I develop the site to your satisfaction. I offer the creation of a complete website based. The options (see below) are not included in this service.

Step 4

        Once completed website, it publishes all online. You are then the site owner and my involvement ends at that time. I offer no support service no maintenance. You are entirely site owner and the administrator of the same fact. If the site meets your requirement, it will remain as is and it will not change.

A base site includes a home page, a menu with 6 maximum redirects for a total of 20 pages. The data provided is in the form of text and pictures only.

Disponnible Options:

Translation of the website - to view the site in both languages ​​(English and French only you made the translation of texts)

Eventlist - Display events with the inclusion of optional subscribers to the site.

Newsletter - Email service for predefined groups of contact. Send email massif.

Multimedia - If you want to put videos or music on the site.

Form - Form Design. Ex: Reservation emailed.

Other services:

    Small training Joomla. How to articles and minor changes on the website.
    If you do not want to make updates to the site. Eg adding photos, text, etc .. I do it for you. Price $ 30 / hour

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